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Master Selling

Built on 20 years of winning pitches at top companies, course teaches strategies to solve sales growth challenges.

(2-Hour Crash Course)

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20 Years In Sales & Marketing
For Top Brands

Master Sales Pitches

Get Sales Growth

Master Strategies On

(Based On Proven Scientific Psychology)

  • How You Open a Sales Call?
  • How You Pitch Customers?
  • How You Discover Customer Need?
  • How You Close Sales?

(2-Hour Crash Course)

Solving your Sales Growth Challenges

Pipeline Challenge:

How do you Make a 9-second cold call?

That builds your pipeline

1st Sales Meeting Challenge:

How do Sell in the 1st meeting?

To get 1st sales?

Follow-up / Sales Ghosting:

Strategies to Re-engage Unresponsive Customers

To get 2nd Sales Meeting?

2nd Sales Meeting:

How Do You Sell in 2nd Meet?

So You Don’t Lose The Opportunity

5 Rules To Win Business Business Pitches

Rule 1


People Categorise People In 150 milliseconds

How Do You Anchor Great Impression?

Learn Proven techniques

(2-Hour Crash Course)

Rule 2


People Seek Clarity

How Do You Pitch In 5 words?

Learn Proven techniques

(2-Hour Crash Course)

Rule 3


People Buy From People They Like

How Do You Create Connect?

Learn Proven techniques

(2-Hour Crash Course)

Rule 4


People Buy From Those That Care

How Do You Discover Buyer’s Hidden Need?

Learn Proven techniques

(2-Hour Crash Course)

Rule 5


People Forget When No Commitments

How Do You Close A Sale Successfully?

Learn Proven techniques

(2-Hour Crash Course)


So, are you ready to unleash your selling power?